Premium anti-reflection coating

Anti Reflecton

Anti-reflective coatings improve the clarity of your lenses and virtually eliminate reflections others see in your prescription glasses. By having a pair of anti reflection lenses, you’ll enjoy direct eye contact, unhindered by distracting reflections, it has 9 layers and blocks upto 95% of glare typically green and pink in colour, This Coating comes standard on all of our lenses, it also includes a Anti Scratch Coating.

Easy Clean

Premium anti-reflection coating combines the benefits of EASY CLEAN with the addition of ultra-smooth oleophobic and anti-static properties. Electrostatic charges are eliminated by a conductive layer within the anti reflection coating, minimising the attraction of dust. This is the best anti reflection coating in our opinion. This Coating also includes Anti Scratch Coating.
Anti Scratch Coating
Blue Light protection coatings

Blue Blocker

This is a new technology that we have adapted to allow you to have both True Blue And Easy Clean all in one Coating. This coating also has all the benefits of Anti Scratch, Anti Reflection, Anti Static, Easy Clean and Blue Light protection, all rolled into one. Not only is this coating perfect for computer use to block out blue light. It’s a fantastic all-around coating for all-day everyday use.

Smart Drive Gold

Our Smart Drive Gold Coating is an innovative lens coating that provides maximum visual comfort for driving, especially in poor light conditions. Be it at night, in dim lighting, in foggy weather or dazzling sunlight, True Gold offers superior visual comfort compared with ordinary clear lenses, the surface coating colour is gold/orange, Smart Drive Gold also includes, Anti Scratch, Anti Reflection and Vision enhancement Properties.

Smart Drive Gold Coating
UV Protection Coatings

Lens Tints

Whether for function or fashion, adding a coloured tint to plain lenses can help reduce eyestrain and glare, protect against potentially harmful UV rays and increase visual perception by improving contrast and enhancing depth awareness. All of our lenses are supplied with a UV Protection no matter what option is chosen.