Anti-reflective coatings

Digital Free Form Varifocals

Anti-reflective coatings improve the clarity of your lenses and virtually eliminate reflections others see in your prescription glasses. By having a pair of anti reflection lenses, you’ll enjoy direct eye contact, unhindered by distracting reflections, it has 9 layers and blocks upto 95% of glare typically green and pink in colour, This Coating comes standard on all of our lenses, it also includes a Anti Scratch Coating.

HD Varifocal

A modern super soft design full inner surface digital general wear progressive with a balanced combination of visual zones. Our Gold level HD is best suited to all emerging presbyopes as well as current digital progressive wearers or any patient wanting more expansive usable vision areas combined with all round increase in performance
HD Varifocal Lenses
Ultra 4K HD Varifocal Lenses

Ultra 4K Varifocal

This modern HD Varifocal, up to date digital Dual surfaced progressive is an ideal product for first time wearers or any patient leading a more dynamic lifestyle. Low distortion in periphery produces increased fields of view in distance portion of the lens with soft power transition to near. This is the best varifocal we supply.

nupolar Polaroid

Our NuPolar lenses define the world standard in prescription sunwear. They feature the most advanced polarizing filter in a wide selection of materials, colours, and lens styles. NuPolar is also optimized for virtually every design available through the latest Free Form technologies, because of that it is suitable for all customers of all ages. We offer our NuPolar lesnes in Brown and Grey.
NuPolar polaroid lenses
Bifocal lenses


Bifocal lenses are divided into two parts to accommodate a combination of any two different prescriptions into one lens. One area of the lens will have one prescription (usually distance) and a segment in the lower half will have the other (usually near vision).
We supply two types of bifocal lens. The D28 and the C28. The D28 Is 28mm in width and shaped like the letter “D”. The C28 is 28mm in width and shaped like the letter “C”.
We can also supply other types of bifocal lenses. Please contact us to discuss this further if you require further information. The two types we advertise are the leading industry standard.

Free Form Single Vision

Our Free Form single vision lenses are state of the art technology, with aspheric back surface of the lens providing clear HD vision at any angle. The free form surface on the backside of the lens reduces aberrations normally created by the spherical curve on the front side. The lens is as flat and thin as possible for all prescriptions. Combining excellent optical and visual characteristics with the right aesthetic design. Our Free Form single vision lenses are suitable for all styles of frames
Free Form single vision lenses